Knight Helmet Hat

This awesome knight helmet hat will certainly protect you from the cold weather this winter!  It features a detachable pivoting visor so you can choose many different ways of wearing it. Made from soft acrylic yarn.



  1. Wayne Carberry

    I need this in my life!!!?

  2. Mary Owens

    I NEED one!!! please make more!

  3. Robert Gross

    How did I not know about this?!?!?!

  4. Dawson Marr

    Please make more!

  5. Shona Armann

    Wheres the price??

  6. Mark Dorch

    Price? Order tab???

  7. Dean Davison

    Change currency to GBP, then click more info to buy.

  8. Leslie K Fairfield

    here it is charley

  9. Kathy Quintero


  10. Kathy Quintero


  11. Norm Doucette

    Any left to order?

  12. Sharon George

    Handy for a knight out

  13. Kian Voghooee

    ahahaha i laughed way harder than i should have on this one….

  14. Dima Kim

    is shipping possible to south korea?

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