Dirt Cologne Spray

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Are you down to earth? If the answers yes then why don’t you step your game up and smell like it too! Introducing this awesome dirt cologne spray, bring out your inner earth side!



  1. Adam Stallard

    does this fragrance come in dog shit too?

  2. Falethia MsObedience Outley

    Just when I thought I had seen it all!

  3. Tressa Benjamin Brown

    this one is for Dustin Clark aka Joe dirt lol.

  4. Melissa Ann Goodwin

    lol really..that's interesting…

  5. Morgan LaRoche

    r u serious…lol.

  6. Jasmine DeLude

    People with Pica will LOVE this. I love the smell of dirt.

  7. Allison Boring

    Todd Freeman You need this for hunting season?

  8. Ellice Neaves

    they need to make a horse fragrence. lol.

  9. Lynette J. Killsback

    Some people I know don't need this! LOL!

  10. Smaily Anderson

    I have this cologne and I get a lot of compliments from people, girls and guys alike. I love the smell of it too, its awesome! I recommend it for special occasions too. Yes! it is that good. The name is funny, but it smells good. Love it!

  11. Rachel Lordbaronvongenius Stean

    Guys, this is clearly Sips' cologne…

  12. Lisa Marie Woodrich

    it actually smells really nice. i remember when i was a kid there was this little store that sold this cologne and i would smell them all. they had one in tomato, and it actually smelled awesome. the dirt one tho is my favorite, i remember the smell just smelling like the freshest thing that comes to mind when you think of spring.

  13. Ron Chase

    Does Joe Dirt wear this?

  14. Sean Tindle

    I came on here just to post that, you beat me to it.. Well played.

  15. Gabriela Keklak


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