Killer Rabbit Slippers

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Keep your feet warm with these comfy Monty Python inspired killer rabbit slippers. As you walk, the deadly sharp rabbit’s mouth opens and closes on the slipper, giving off a fun effect that will strike terror in the eyes of anyone in your path.



  1. Dianna Cardinal

    these r so cute. or should say different. I love them.

  2. David Warren

    Tarticus GrisWarren

  3. Verity Ferguson

    I've found Dave's birthday present!

    • Verity Ferguson

      Look Rob Jackson!!

  4. Amy Stephens

    so needs theses.

  5. Gavin Colonello Taylor

    So much WaANT!

  6. Lee Ann Emery

    for Smoore!

  7. Amber Ellison

    I sooo want these.

  8. Ashley Horning

    Miranda Solideo

  9. Jesse Floyd

    Raven Boltik, reminds me of Monty Python and the holy grail.

  10. Breanna Slack

    Its like Myrnin fron the morganville vampire books lol

  11. Jes Woodman

    Jenell Mcmullin.. this is so you.. hahahahaa

  12. Larissa Knoche


  13. Jessica Patch Millar-millward

    I like what you said, your right they really do

  14. Jessica Patch Millar-millward

    Already Got got these, there so soft there absolute worth buying, just don't stick them in the dryer, the glue melts what holds their tales on.

  15. Nicole North

    I want these

  16. Kevin Micheal Joseph Grimstead


  17. Brnn Nlsn

    For some reason this reminds me of my mom…

  18. Cristian Castro Cortés


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