iPhone Leather Bookcase

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This iPhone bookcase is a wallet and an iPhone case rolled into one pocket-sized, vintage book. Open this beautifully designed leather book and you will see a wallet on the left and a slot for your iPhone 4 on the right.



  1. Nikki Fox Hunt

    make for iphone 5 pls!

  2. Diana Dimitrova-Hristova


  3. Jennifer L. Jackson

    I'd love this!

  4. Jennifer L. Jackson

    I'd love this!

  5. Cheole Saguinsin

    do u send to nz?

  6. Blanca Garcia

    Zak Baron. Next gift!

  7. Lee Grant


  8. Lee Grant


  9. London Riley

    Would this be the same fit for an Android 3 or 4?

  10. Johnny Marquez

    It will still fit iphone5 but the charger port would be large on the case

  11. Chastity Marie Embick

    A guy in my class has this. lol

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