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Inflatable Travel Bed


Stop off on your travels in complete comfort with one of these inflatable travel beds. Not only does this make for a comfortable bed but it can also be used as a couch or even an inflatable lounger! Awesome! Easy to inflate with pump supplied.


  1. Steve Regan

    How many Americans are slim enough to lay in the back of their cars?

  2. Richard Traeger

    they are asking $128.00…too bad

  3. Richard Traeger

    not worth over 25.00…too bad

  4. Tony Hoxsie

    The only people that I have seen sleep like a plank have been in caskets.

    As most people bend their knees when they sleep this would work. It would be interesting to see how well it works in practice. I can't see the foot area being able to hold much weight.

  5. Tara Boley

    Cody Campbell yes, kitty litter. It provides a solid and level surface, and not to mention it's a common thing for people that don't have 4 wheel drive to put bags of kitty litter in their trunk during the winter because it adds weight to the back tires and makes for a better drive in the snow. So a lot of people probably already have the bags of kitty litter with them anyway.

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