Inflatable Spa

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Relax with family or friends in style with one of these inflatable spas! Capable of holding up to 4 people, these inflatable spas are quick and easy to set up and can be taken anywhere!


  1. Lee Barlow

    someone want to get it me lol.

  2. Vanessa Falcone

    Would love a spa was ment to get one ages ago but nope still haven't 🙁 please someone

  3. Vanessa Falcone

    Might have more chance of this it's cheaper then a normal one lol . Just thinking of the massages I could get now I'm torturing myself ahhhhh

  4. Stephanie Angel

    Carlos Angel it cost $661.99.

  5. Ben Crock

    to bad you cant buy any of this stuff.

  6. Mark Forbes

    In Australia we have a similar…refer

  7. Denise Nichols

    2 people in there would be a bit squashy.

  8. James Wagner

    Mark Forbes Much nicer quality than this 'awesome adventures' one.

  9. Judy Lynn

    Josie Hammond, NEED.

  10. Haylee Saccocio

    Omg..I saw that at walmart the other day..sure wish I had the extra $599:@

  11. Judy Lynn

    Haylee Saccocio HAHA Right?!

  12. Ronald Penney

    Isn't that the point of a hottub spa?

  13. Brittany Ann

    there are cooler ones when you click more info!

  14. Desiree Noel Nelson-Woodruff

    I want it! lol. so expensive though. u could almost get a real one for that.

  15. DeAnna Pearson Astill

    I know that you just want to give a free one away and I am the one you want to give it too:) Love Love love it.

  16. Luke Truehart

    not to bad of a price. Nice and compact but still has descent room.

  17. JoDee Suttis

    I want!!!!!!

  18. Tyler Houser

    Yeah i know….

  19. Jerrilee Cochran

    Perfect for Vegas where the real ones get ruined within a year from sun damage

  20. Summer Finch

    want this

  21. Mike Paul

    Be interested to see a even a plug in spa for close to this amount…

  22. TheShadow Nash

    Could use this..

  23. Jenny Jordan

    I want this SOOOO bad!!

  24. Josh Rhines

    Me too !

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