Inflatable Lounger

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This super soft inflatable lounger will fit 2 people comfortably. Featuring an adjustable sunshade top to either keep the sun out of your eyes or allow you to soak up the suns rays!  Battery operated high capacity air inflating pump included.

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  1. Lucy Grimmelijkhuizen

    we need this for our next holiday in thailand dan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  2. Beth Dyer

    I want one

  3. Joanne Tyler

    I have gotta have one of these.

  4. Joanne Duncan Gibson

    I want !!!!!

  5. Sheena McGowan

    Troy Alexander Golden we should get this for the river 🙂 tie some floating coolers to each side and float!

  6. ALice Abbott

    Marie Coulson we should get one for holiday :O ;).

  7. Josie Hendrickson

    I'm so getting this for next summer lake time♥

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