Josh Hara Has Put His Love For Coffee And Cartoons Together And The Results Are Awesome


Most of us drink our morning takeout coffee, dispose of the cup and get on with the rest of the day, but one man has combined his love of drawing with his love of coffee and the results are amazing. Josh Hara decided to embark on his 100 Coffee Cups project, in which he would draw a fun cartoon on (you guessed it!) 100 takeout coffee cups and document them all. Not only are these awesome cartoons amazingly drawn, they're also witty and often topical, as well. Hara is the creative director of a marketing firm in Ohio, but says that he always wanted to draw cartoons for a living. Although he chose to make more practical career choices, Hara still likes to have a creative outlet and frequently draws in his spare time. Now that his 100 Coffee Cups project has gained him a good chunk of attention and praise from the public, maybe this is the time for Hara to take the plunge and make this his career. All of Hara's drawings are posted on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, but these are some of our favorites.

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No judgment until after you've had your coffee.


This one is disturbingly accurate.



Anyone recognize this pose?!




Good advice!



I think we all know this feeling.


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