Ice saber Popsicle Mold

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Whats better than having an epic lightsaber battle with a friend then finishing off by eating them! Let the force of eating be with you!

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  1. Anny Salinas

    Dario Rodriguez Compra estas para los niños! =)

  2. Siân Knowles

    like ^_^

  3. Dante Anita Jones


  4. Maria Thornhill

    I really want one of these 🙂

  5. Dreama Collins

    ok I love this!

  6. Tonie Manzara

    David Bilson

    • Tonie Manzara

      David Billson

    • Tonie Manzara

      David Billson

    • David Billson


    • David Billson


  7. Tonie Manzara

    David Bilson

  8. Diane Spencer

    Toni Hodgkins, wonder who would love these x.

  9. Trisha Stewart


  10. Andre Newton

    disposable dildos

  11. Julie Lewis

    One for you Aaron

  12. Mike Burnham

    I want these lol

  13. Sarah Floyd

    Brill idea i know cpl boys who wud like them ……..

  14. Tammy O’Dell Miller

    My kids would love these!

  15. Tammy O’Dell Miller

    My kids would love these!

  16. Leanne Hart

    must have lol

  17. Darryn Sky Walker


  18. Celeste Miller McDavitt

    For all the nerds

  19. Caroline Beattie Gentleman

    Sharon, I know a boy of yours that will love this… I refer to your husband of course, lol x.

    • Pixie Jackson

      this sounds like my hubby too could not have worded it more perfect lol x

    • Pixie Jackson

      this sounds like my hubby too could not have worded it more perfect lol x

  20. Donna Lambert Hooton

    Just see these and thought of you Wayne Boshell 🙂 x.

  21. Kim Thomson

    Need this ♥

  22. Malerie Vella

    David Vella

  23. Eric Wright

    Omg, would be great

  24. Jillian Betts

    Kelly Betts Dan Betts.

  25. Gareth Andrew Bohan Jones

    these look really cool Felicia Newton.

  26. Rosie Servante

    Shame the link doesn't take you to this actual product. Was going to buy this until I saw what you really get from Amazon 🙁

    • Emma ‘motorboatin’ Osullivan

      it takes you to amazon and you buy them there, for exactly how much it says here…i have used amazon a thousand times and have had no problems, in fact, i trust it more so now, cant wait to battle it out with my lolly s!!!

  27. Liz Barker


    • Liz Barker

      A must for Charlie Zanna xx

    • Liz Barker

      A must for Charlie Zanna xx

    • Zanna Pill

      Love it! X

    • Zanna Pill

      Love it! X

  28. Liz Barker


  29. Louise Gaudette

    Nick Daniels, Saw this and thought of u for some reason ;).

  30. Kat Clark

    Lewis Slamdunk Davies, I can imagine you plying with these…

  31. Rosie Servante

    It wasn't the price I was bothered about, it was that the product on Amazon does not match this picture. The product you are taken to is a rather cheaper looking version!!

  32. Tracey Ritchie O Boyle

    Fab ma boy would love these x

  33. Kirsty Davidson

    Costco sell these huni.xkx

  34. Emma Morley

    You might get them on eBay as well xx

  35. Tanya Lord

    Omg i need these!!!

  36. Andrea Mitchell

    I so want one of these! 🙂

  37. Selena Hoch

    Micheal Hoch you just gotta get this for the boys please!

  38. Anna Allen

    ikr those are so awesome

  39. Case Hawkes

    The thing you linked to doesn't actually look to be the thing in the picture. Different shape for the mold, different (and less detailed) handles. If you could update with a link to the thing in the picture, or change the picture to the thing you're linking to, that'd be just great.

    EDIT: I get it now. The thing in the picture is the glowing light saber popsicle mold on ThinkGeek. The link is to something that I'm guessing they're getting affiliate kickbacks for linking to.

  40. Mystie Skelton

    Colton Skelton, Trent Skelton we need to get these for home…these are sooo cool!

  41. Nick ‘TheNerd’ Telford

    I need these

  42. Nick ‘TheNerd’ Telford

    I need these

  43. Nick ‘TheNerd’ Telford

    Billy ScØtt

  44. Nick ‘TheNerd’ Telford

    Billy ScØtt

  45. Mario Villegas

    22.99? Totally worth pay that if it has an LED light to make the Ice Glow.

  46. Amanda Boorman

    Natalie Thebluefairy…..I need these.

  47. Amanda Boorman

    Natalie Thebluefairy…..I need these.

  48. Angela Webster

    Carrie Williams you know who I'm buying this for 🙂

  49. Carrie Williams

    Do you have to encourage them!

  50. Emz Morris

    This link isnt connecting to the molds order form but the mold making book order form .. how am i meant to order the molds ??

  51. Justine Mills

    Love these

  52. Ems Cocksedge


  53. Ems Cocksedge


  54. Fathom Berwick

    Will need to get these for Maya for Christmas xxx

  55. Annie Logan

    She's love those. xx

  56. Ameet Shelar


  57. Ameet Shelar


  58. Roxanne Brown

    Very cool but they look SO wrong!

  59. Jennifer Mc

    Gillian Morrison

  60. Paul Cordner


  61. Christine Gregory

    Koiyle-Puddi i think dad would like these 😀

  62. Zachary Trubey

    ok I so want these!

  63. Kelsey Renee Kaiser


  64. Dany Shaewolfe


  65. Kitty Nata Harvey


  66. Kitty Nata Harvey

    Perfect for summer and its a excellent present! I like it

  67. Angelique Erika Penn

    Eric Vergeldt

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