Huggle Pod

Great fun for the kids to hang out and play! The huggle pod has fitted LED lights inside to make it even more magical. Available in blue or green and made from 100% nylon making it machine wash friendly.

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  1. Pamie Bonadona

    I really want this for my baby… he wld love it…

  2. Debbie L Motley

    Looks great for my 7 year old grandson…….

  3. Melia Hawn Love

    This would be amazing for a kid who doesn't get motion sickness or this would be horrible for the parent of a kid who does.

  4. Heath Kupper

    I really want one of these but unfortunately I think I exceed the weight limit.

  5. Felicia Marie Travise

    Also great for children with certain types of Autism.

  6. Lisa DAmico

    The Huggle Pod

  7. Chania Chaisson

    Make it in black e-e

  8. Mickey Kalosky

    decorate it to look like a space ship and it would be even more awesome.

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