Hot Tub Boat

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This electric boat comes with a built in hot tub into its deck. Hand crafted with a slatted deck from African teak. This hot tub boat is excellent if you want to party, relax or simply sail the open seas! Awesome!

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  1. Sarah Hall


  2. Filiberto Macias

    this is awesome.

  3. Rick Hunt

    Only $42,000…..Pocket change. LOL

  4. Carrie Morrison Junek


  5. Vlad Yarmolenko


    • Lauren Wood

      hot tugggggg

    • Chris Hall

      they should definitely called it that. trademark that shit!!

    • Daniel Eugene Hearn

      Hot tug is already my stripper name.

  6. Ashley Jasmin Hall

    Shut up and take my money.

  7. Louise Hooper

    love it x.

  8. Hanar Ahmad

    why put water on a boat which is made to keep you away from water? just jump in the sea. prefer to spend the money on chocolate. 🙂

    • Kirsty Salvatore Hamblett

      that would be an awful lot of chocolate!

  9. Lucas Chia

    You spelled sail wrongly.

    • Shane Vincent

      lol no they did not

    • Kendra Wilcox-Richards

      Shane Vincent They used wrong sail; is that better?

    • John Simmons

      you spelt spelt wrongly!

    • Mitchel Robinson

      They spelled built wrong….

    • Christopher Broseph Ketchel

      John Simmons , actually spelt is a kind of wheat. It is "spelled."

  10. Brad Schero

    Baf ass

  11. Jon Erwin

    Teak is one of the heaviest woods I wouldn't count on that thing working

  12. Laura Vettese

    Anybody care to join me? Lol

    • Tammy Miller Henderson

      oh alright. but I am wearing a tent. lol

    • Laura Vettese

      You go ahead and wear whatever pleases you dahling..but please don't forget to bring the peaches and perhaps Fitch a couple of bottles of Steve's wine..He won't

  13. Claire Flood Nellist

    Defo want one of these 🙂

  14. Chloe Davies

    $42,000 let me check my piggy bank 1… 2…3… 4… 5… 6… $11.00

  15. Lena Renee Vance

    I thought the point of a boat was to keep the water out?

  16. Jodi Baron

    Defo gettin one of these if we win eur o millions tonight hehe x x

  17. Denise Blythe

    Wendy Pluckrose Narelle Meighan what do you think should we get one.

    • Narelle Meighan

      Book it Dano!

    • Denise Blythe

      this would be so much fun

  18. Shelly Blevins

    Cool idea!

  19. Aleka-Abram Cabello

    Someone please tell me how you would drive this

  20. Jacob Willis

    Andrew Stevens the new patrol boat me thinks.

  21. Kay Huebscher Van Aacken

    O yea, I want one of these! Who can help me out?

  22. Douglas Barbour

    I have two of these One at the My Beach House and the other at My Lake House….They are fun I Love them and so do all the Playboy Bunnies…

    • Veronica Gonzalez Perez


    • Todd Baldwin

      sorry mr rich 🙂

    • Kirsty Ann Smith

      aha u wush

  23. Cynthia Claudia Carle

    Sandy Carle

  24. Andy Feerick

    peterborough city council needs these?

  25. Katelin Lee

    I wonder if anyone has actually bought this…

  26. Hafsa Mumtaz Bhutto

    OMG 😀 😛

  27. Zishan Kelly Zhao

    because its so tiresome to jump in the water.

  28. Zishan Kelly Zhao

    because its so tiresome to jump in the water.

  29. Judy Lynn

    Josie Hammond we should start a fundraiser. lol

    • Skittlestaste Therainbow

      Stop fuckin stalkin my creep

    • Skittlestaste Therainbow

      Stop fuckin stalkin my creep

    • Judy Lynn

      Uhhh, what are you talking about?

  30. Rebecca Neill-Watson

    I want one

  31. Sally Tsalikidis

    I want one!!

  32. Flux Bluerange

    Yes I own a private beach…I don't need this hahahahahahaha.

  33. Cyril Williams

    yes now I can float on water while being in water! lol

  34. Adam DrLightworker Brobjorg


  35. Nicci Kate Crawford

    Stuff the mat ween! we need one of these! Nina Abreu

  36. Cheryl Williams

    who wants to chip in for one of these babies? only $42,000 …

  37. Kchena Gibson


  38. Bernadette Foust

    Oh my

  39. Brittany Ann

    I want one!

  40. Chris Owens

    I must have one of these lol

  41. Leigh Mortimer

    The correct SAIL is used, as in SAILing it as a watercraft. As for Spelt v Spelled, all depends on where you come from and if you use correct English or American English. Either way, it is still correct. I enjoy laughing when people try to correct others and are wrong themselves – no end of humour (Yes, I need to get out more). Oh, and before you correct HUMOUR – I'm an Aussie and we use real English LOL 🙂

  42. David Schuberth

    How do you drive it?

  43. Rae Redpearl

    Looks fun, but isn't this kind of stupid? A boat's purpose is to keep you out of water.

  44. Alesha Carter

    LOL. CRAZY!!

  45. Hannah Raine Mahiya

    Julliana Krista Ticlao Nicole Kaye Junsay AldabaRomena Faith Ticlao So my birthday's coming up. Hint hint ;).

  46. Jacqueline Friedlander Rought

    The guy on the top right corner has his hand on a "joystick" that you steer with.

  47. Jacqueline Friedlander Rought

    The guy on the top right corner has his hand on a "joystick" that you steer with.

  48. Claire Rice

    Ellie Williams Do you fancy chipping in for one of these?

  49. SingleDad Hanging InThere

    I could make you one for about 10K. It would be bigger and nicer than this thing.

  50. Brenda Pafford

    Everyone should have one of these! Talk about party boat! LOL

  51. Dawn Mills

    Brilliant can we have one for work please x

  52. Kelly Palmer

    Yes please!

  53. Kelly Palmer

    Yes please!

  54. Nick Collins

    Only 42000 :/

  55. Nick Collins

    Only 42000 :/

  56. Kelly Palmer

    Need the climate too!!

  57. Paolo Sandri

    solo 42.000 dollari?…la voglio!!!

  58. Gerry Hionis Geriatrixx

    Too Sick!!

  59. Mik Rose

    You know that boat will never sink if it floats with water in it!

  60. Angela Klimis Wiley

    Love this:)))

  61. Missy Schneider-Morgan

    omg ! angela klimis wiley this is so us !

  62. Missy Schneider-Morgan

    you can expect I will make something similar to this next summer 🙂

  63. Missy Schneider-Morgan

    for some of us 🙂

  64. Michael Trotta


  65. Jeff Jacobsen

    im looking at buying my third on this year ! 😛

  66. Mukhriddin Nasriddinov

    I need 1 more dollar to buy it, but can't find..

  67. Ginger Katsos

    You can better buy a real boat than this 42k piece of shit…

  68. Alexandra Leah Johnson


  69. Renee Gardehl

    Annybody want to go for a ride in a hot tub?

  70. Jillian Alexander

    Yea, let me just make a $42,000.00 purchase on the internet

  71. Nancy Nelson

    I will go for a ride with ya, but only if it's snowing! lol

  72. Lou Dubrulle


  73. Colton Mendelson

    How do you steer ?

  74. Carson Berg

    sure i'll take one, if i was Bill Gates

  75. Mark Hesser

    I love how the Link is broken, lol

  76. Mark Hesser

    I love how the Link is broken, lol

  77. Bill Burns

    yea then you woke up hahahahahaha

  78. Baylie Giles

    so do you also wipe your butt with golden toilet paper and have a real golden Lab even if u did talk about braging but im pretty sure u DONT

  79. Adam Rosen

    for $42000 it should steer itself

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