Hello Kitty Bed


Give your little girl the dream bed shes always wished for with this cute Hello Kitty bed! It features a bed cover that zips around a twin mattress. Also included are attachable feet, arms and head to complete the look.

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  1. Tami N Chris Brazee

    thats so sweet

  2. Kathleen Llewellyn

    Baby Girl would LOVE this or maybe Daddy would. Either way it's pretty cool LOL

  3. Ralonda Holt

    Too cute!

  4. Carmen Romero


  5. Amie Dean

    tempting Melissa Garcia muahaha you can't goodbye kitty this bad boy

  6. Melissa Garcia

    Hahaha goodbye kitty!!!

  7. Sheena Gemo

    for you Richard Javaluyas

  8. Deborah Beverly Biamaga

    I want that bed for my little 1year old daughter plis.

  9. Penny Stevens

    Vicki Victoria Bitter

  10. Sophie Kate

    Cheryl Godwin

  11. Candy Fisher

    how much

  12. Jess Wiicked

    It says right on the top in big red numbers $238.99

  13. Diane Patterson

    So cute!

  14. Goldie Perez

    Omg I want it !!!!!! 🙂

  15. Goldie Perez

    Omg I want it !!!!!! 🙂

  16. Christina Bouchkov

    Has anyone ever purchased
    This? If so were you happy with it?

  17. Jennay Pilon

    Maca Mendoza Macaroni You know you want this.

  18. Jordan Lamkins

    Definitely thinking about getting this for alis bday! 🙂

  19. Brenda Woodall

    This is so cute.

  20. Julia Senack

    Michelle Miller

  21. Beth Kepley

    Heather Carpenter-Nichols for lilly at some point?

  22. Destiny Ring

    SAw this and thought of you Kristy Durfee.

  23. Chris Humble

    @Cheyenne porter check this out xD

  24. Debra Hogan Ferry

    Kelly Elbertson This would give me nightmares lol

  25. Chris Humble

    Cheyenne Porter

  26. Cheyenne Porter

    get me itttt please:)

  27. Leearna Salis

    Gillian King mum its cinda can you get this please pleassse

  28. Shannon Nichole Thompson

    Josh Thompson sissy needs this!!!

  29. Rein Villanueva

    wow.,I definitely like this <3

  30. Bailey Harrison

    Ava needs this bed!!

  31. Philly Lovinme Williams

    Ok it needs to come in a bigger bed size I'm already sticking with a full size bed si my sheets will fit I can't go smaller I'm too big please make a bigger size inventor

  32. Shelby Rowell

    samantha Rowell needs this for christmas

  33. Crystal Kelly

    Aliyah would go crazy if she came home to this in her room!

  34. Crystal Kelly

    @lizshroyer check this out!

  35. Jonathan Keys

    $200 for this fkn bed!!!

  36. Amanda Lynn Johnson

    Need this

  37. Skyy Godrick

    @Melanie Allender Thomann

  38. Trina Spiers

    Cheyanne woodhams kaycee needs this 🙂 xx

  39. Trina Spiers

    Cheyanne woodhams

  40. Cheyanne Woodhams

    love this bed just converted the dollars to pounds and is £121 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  41. Shammara Jones

    Ahshay need that bed and she get it

  42. Chastity Marie Embick

    There needs to be a queen size for this.

  43. Chastity Marie Embick

    There needs to be a queen size for this.

  44. Timothy Brandan Holmes

    Getting this for My daughters birthday i hope!

  45. Naomi Elena

    I got 2 boys… it….;)

  46. Naomi Elena

    I got 2 boys… it….;)

  47. Naomi Elena

    Joyce Heere……wat voor je kleine meid?? xxx

  48. Naomi Elena

    Joyce Heere……wat voor je kleine meid?? xxx

  49. Crystal Ballard

    Im getting this for my daughter

  50. Kelly G. Walker

    Yep, gotta get this!!!! Happy Birthday Samyiah

  51. Jennifer Costanzo

    Tashelle u should get this for amiaea when she's old enough.

  52. Jennifer Costanzo

    Sorry spelled her name wrong meant amiara.

  53. Karen Barrett-Conway

    How do you order this bed

  54. Nikkie Cossairt

    Marissa You need this!

  55. Nikkie Cossairt

    Marissa Mowdy

  56. Caridad Hernandez

    This is scary!

  57. Tammy Braswell


  58. Barbara Simmons Hillhouse

    Shiloh loves this little bed

  59. Bridgette Renee

    Jessica terry

  60. Bridgette Renee

    Jessica terry

  61. Allan Toftegaard


  62. Allan Toftegaard

    Anita Erhardsen

  63. Pippa Summer

    I need this bed

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