Gold Flakes Nail Polish

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Add some sparkle to your nails with this gold flakes nail polish! Makes you stand out above the rest even in the dullest of outfits! Available in a variety of different colors.

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  1. Elizabeth Dugaro West

    so awesome

  2. Kelsi Mosen

    Where can I get these ?

  3. Jyoti Singh

    I bought this for $1 near me.

  4. Lee Haymonds

    Kate Blonde Wakeford.

  5. Rainy Sha

    That's exactly how I have my nails now. Only I bought a pack of 5 colors of glitter (gold being one of the colors) at the dollar store.

  6. Andrea Simone Sheehan

    Lita would love this!

  7. Gerrie Groves

    Oh yes she would, and I say Oh no you don't. we got a gold with glitter, suttle. she wanted the one that looks like this, just like craft glitter in a bottle. I steered her away from it. looks too E.L.A. in my opinion anyway.

  8. Paige Mun

    Pretty much any drug store, Walmart or target. This person had several layers of it on.

  9. Paige Mun

    Gerrie Groves -What on earth is ELA (other than English Language Arts)?

  10. Lorraine Albino

    Wow i want that for me .but when i get money

  11. Kawaii Romney-Chan Kun

    ingredients list please :)?

  12. Jessie Denise

    Paige Mun and a gold base

  13. Jess Dub


  14. Trisha Lyn Fawver

    Yeah… Milani is sold at basically every CVS

  15. Trisha Lyn Fawver

    This brand is basically sold at most drugstores for $1-$1.99, save your money and buy it locally.

  16. Mona A. Hiyari

    Abdulhameed Al Saadi Nemo Hyari gonna faint!

  17. Monalisa Luke

    Gorgeous love them r thy avaliable in south africa?

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