This Peruvian Oasis Town Is Out Of This World


You're in the desert, it's hot and dry and you've an incredible thirst. Suddenly, amid the sandy dunes you spy an oasis. It must be a mirage, you think. Well, nope, not if you're talking about the Peruvian town of Huacachina, situated in the Atacama desert. This town is real enough, although it does resemble an out of this world utopia. The population is around 100, and we envy each and every one of them for living in this amazing place! Check out the pictures below,


A real-life oasis.


So pretty and out of this world.


The town from above.


The area is popular with tourists.


Often, they visit to go sand boarding. 


Or dune buggying.



It looks almost like the tropics here.


Note: the water!


The surrounding area of the town is great for scenery.


 And for serenity.

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