Glo Boy Solar Nightlight

Cut back on your electricity bill by using one of these awesome solar powered glo boy nightlights! Stick him in the sun to charge and in return he will provide you with a nice glow in the night!

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  1. Michelle Tipping Barth

    love this for Joi.

  2. Gareth Wong

    In the night, you try to sleep but you can't, you see a creepy glowing kid smiling at you.

  3. Rabbiya Tariq

    hw can I buy this please tell I live in pakistan.

  4. Ishma D. Harford

    =D, this is me.

  5. Nina Marcos

    Martha Maqueira le kiero comprar uno a las ninas

  6. Chasity Smith

    Would soooo love to get this for my sons' room so he can use it as a nite lite at night.. Would help alott 😉 very cute too!!

  7. Maleeha Asif

    hmm very useful.

  8. Robert O Rios

    On the to get liat, for sure ,, my son ia gonna love this ..

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