Giant Earphone Speakers

Do you suffer from big ears? then these giant earphone speakers are for you! With a built in amp, you will get a party going in no time! These earphone speakers can be powered by batteries, USB, or a wall outlet.

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  1. Dianna Cardinal

    y is it when we r little and even in our 20's our b-days r remembered. but when the kids get older and they have kids or just older they forget it. there b-days it is what did u get me. y.

  2. Jessy Laloka

    I want these!

  3. Kameron King


  4. Ethan Wright

    how do you buy stuff.

  5. Ashanti Roca

    hahahahahahahaha try it in your ears,,,, hahahahahaha

  6. Norann Mcguire

    the bigger the better bring on the music.

  7. Andre Louis

    These would be perfect for President Obama. Oh, don't act like dude doesn't have huge ears. lol

  8. Marinaki Proko


  9. Chris Fanning

    Size does matter.

  10. Chris Rawlings

    what wats r thes.

  11. Kïwï Pinnock

    Hope they dont tangle the same as earphones

  12. Kïwï Pinnock

    Hope they dont tangle the same as earphones

  13. Olivia Newall

    OMG I ssssoooooo want thesse 🙂

  14. Matthew Rose

    I want to buy so bad

  15. Jun Martinez-Oquendo

    Q gufiau yo las quierooo..

  16. Megan Hayes

    That looks awesome… How do I buy them? Am I able to buy them???

  17. Serena Georgiou

    Hahaha I know I'm childish but these are fucking funny!

  18. Fynn Vtec Roberts

    click more info

  19. Kayleigh Dawe

    How do I buy them?!

  20. Alexandra De Groote

    This is AWESOME!

  21. Alexandra De Groote

    This is AWESOME!

  22. Charlotte Hoggett

    Click onto more info

  23. Jo Hunneybunny Taylor

    Hahaha brill

  24. Ronn Mica Soriano

    it's huge!

  25. Alicia M Marshall

    I want it

  26. Renpen Nonya

    great for Michael

  27. Emma Millington

    What is the watt on them?

  28. Josh K. Nobles


  29. Gergő Pataki


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