Fruit Juice Extractor

Skip the process of picking out annoying seeds and get straight into the good stuff! This fruit juice extractor is easy to use simply screw it in and your ready to go! Great for those beach themed parties!

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  1. David Schuberth

    It's a beer tap…

  2. Krista VanBarriger

    good idea

  3. Jesse Dunn

    I wonder if it would work to cut a hole at the top and fill it with vodka. Let it sit over night and give it a good shake. Watermelon vodka?

  4. Diana Parsons

    we've always done that to watermelon…. only thing is you have to eat the melon, it soaks into it 🙂

  5. Roberto Chino


  6. Paul Macapagal

    I was thinking the same thing

  7. John Stephens

    How does this tirn the watermelon into juice Its just a tap to screw in does not do anything to jucify the melon

  8. Nina Marcos

    Martha Maqueira mira mom este si lo kiero pones cual kier fruta mmm

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