Floating Drinks Cooler

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This floating drinks cooler is an awesome thing to have with you if your out relaxing in the pool. Never will you have to get out to top up your drink again! The ship comes in a variety of colors.

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  1. Lachlan Jared Miernik

    I need this!

  2. Roy Dougan

    ….gotta have one!

  3. Timothy Cummins

    Need these for float trip so there is more room in the raft

  4. Alexis Currier

    Love it!

  5. Alexis Currier

    Love it!

  6. Earl G. Abbott

    Awwww man! This would've been the shot over in Bequia for Easter! I would've been dragging this behind the water taxi! Haaaaaaaa! Wicked! I sooooo want one!

    • Earl G. Abbott

      Need one for the next "aquatic" event! Summer's coming soon! 8-|

  7. Lisa Sunding

    I so want this

  8. David Lenk

    Hopefully you get out to go pee at least after all that drinking XD.

  9. Jody McDonald

    what a great cooler for anything!

  10. Jamie Groover-Lovewell

    Dawn Bickel Fischer or this LOL.

  11. Monique Unique Love


  12. MeLo Ortega

    Emanuel Sapountzis This will solve a lot of problems! lol

  13. Darlene Kappheim Kline

    Rochelle Roerig

  14. Frankie Hooks Castine

    Eric Kitchings

  15. Frankie Hooks Castine

    Eric Kitchings

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