Fire Glass

Update your indoor fire place or outdoor fire pit with these awesome fire glass crystals! They produce more heat than wood keeping you warmer and they are environmentally friendly as there is no odor or smoke.  Available in a variety of colors.

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  1. Martha Lane

    What is the fuel?

  2. Dreanna Werenich

    How does it work? I'd feel better about using it if I had more details… and how do you light it?

  3. Dreanna Werenich

    How does it work? I'd feel better about using it if I had more details… and how do you light it?

  4. Marsha Estefan

  5. Marsha Estefan

  6. Marsha Estefan


  7. Marsha Estefan


  8. Julie Clevenger

    I need more info too-please.

  9. Julie Clevenger

    I need more info too-please.

  10. John Skewer

    Don't let it fool you, it's not the crystals that produce the fire. You need a propane deck, and the glass simply goes on top of it.

  11. Kristea Chester Katt

    How much would I get if I ordered it for $31.99? Like one bag, one barrel, how much am I looking at here?

  12. Misty Johnson

    Product Details according to Amazon:
    Shipping Weight: 10 pounds

  13. Travis Linares

    Fireglass Fireplace Fire Pit Glass, ~1/4" Pacific Blue Reflective, 10 LBS

  14. Kevin Petty

    me too

  15. Kevin Petty

    me too

  16. Travis Forsyth

    You have to have a gas or propain fire pit i just looked it up its not actually the glass that produces the flames.

  17. Steve Bishop

    It's just recycled pieces of glass. It doesn't burn at all. You have to have a fuel source.
    I got an effect pretty similar to this when I set some spilled gasoline on fire in a gravel driveway.
    Crazy prices for busted-up and tumbled beer bottle glass.

  18. Rhea Verma

    Wow this stuff is really cool

  19. Jessie Fullick

    According to the more info button it's a gun alarm clock wtf

  20. Martin Ivanov

    It's KINDA fake,

    Sorry if someone posted that before me!

  21. Tasha Young

    that looks cool

  22. Rose Blomander

    10 LBS by Fireplace Glass San Diego

  23. Nina Marcos

    Martha Maqueira son cristales de vidrio ke asen fuego ke chido noo para la cimenea o afuera

  24. Rhyesa Jackson

    Amazon states that this can only be used in fire pits and fire places designed for fire glass.

  25. Dan Cowell

    Well that description is totally misleading. It's not even an actual fuel source. It's just a "pretty extra" to put on top of your fuel

  26. Ashley Barnett

    i want

  27. Stevie Emm Kay

    yeah the item above and the item in the More INFO button seem to be two different products. Very decieving ad

  28. Angela Wray-Mendoza

    I love this soo much!!

  29. Madison Storm

    Why is the fire half way off…?

  30. Alice Michelle Creswell


  31. Madison Storm

    Alice Michelle Creswell Well im not sure but i think that its photoshoped.

  32. Jennifer Stamper

    wonder how long this would last?

  33. Dean Morris

    It's just decoration, it's not the glass that burns, it's a kind of thing you put on/in gas fireplaces e.g. fake logs, to add decoration, I know this site says it produces more heat than wood, they are environmentally friendly, and don't produce odor or smoke, really it's just a decoration to replace wood blocks or lava blocks for decoraation, what you see in the image is just a gas powered fireplace.

  34. Amber White

    They are put over gas pipes to cover and make a pretty backdrop for you fireplace, outdoor fire pit, or decorative pots…you have to have a fuel source… THESE ARE JUST DECORATIONS!

  35. Lisa Weldon Fregoso

    These are cool

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