Dr Who Tardis Projector Clock

Now can have your very own mini Tardis in your bedroom! This Dr Who Tardis projector clock is a must-have for fans of the show and will project the time onto your wall! Set the alarm and watch the lantern light turn blue when it goes off in the morning! Every doctor needs a Tardis so get yours now!



  1. Cheri Anderson-Albert


  2. Michael Andrew Jati


  3. Candice Couch Buchanan

    I know some people who would really like this.

  4. Mary Jane Paul

    Amanda Maker

  5. Clarissa Vargas

    Rachel Austin

  6. Clarissa Vargas

    Rachel Austin

  7. Ronald Smith

    Jose Moreno

  8. Delia Solis

    Alex Solis Bernard would so want this.

  9. Joe Pagan

    Veronica Sanchez

  10. Veronica J Nash Sanchez

    I want this!!

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