People Reveal The Wildest Things They Overheard From Their Lovers

The temptation of eavesdropping in a conversation you’re not supposed to be listening to is hard to resist. Especially if the one involved is your significant other and they are talking about you. No matter how people try to hide what they really think about you, it will be revealed to you eventually. Besides, there is nothing hidden that will not be known. These people share their stories about the wildest things they overheard from their lovers, the good and the bad.



Jealousy hurts love.

Knowing that your boyfriend has his eyes on your best friend sure hurts a lot.

At least he’s honest to admit one thing about him.

That’s sweet.

A dog is man’s best buddy, after all.

Girl-talk always include their wildest fantasies.

It’s time to confirm what you really are to her.

The words that can stab you in the heart like a knife.

The one thing that she likes about you.

Love me for a reason. Let the reason be love.

A wedding is coming.

The things your girlfriend does when you’re not around.

Uncovering your boyfriend’s true color in the most unexpected ways.

That’s a sign he’s serious about you.

You should be happy to know that she loves you that much.

If a girl pictures you in her future, then she’s for keeps.

Not yet ready to tie the knot.

Settle for someone who won’t put you down.

Lies and truths. The two sides of the same coin.