Doodle Tablecloth

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Now you can write down your ideas while you eat with no consequences! using the special marker pens supplied it easy to wipe clean too! Awesome. 

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  1. Lauraandthomas Price

    lol I want one.

  2. Lauraandthomas Price

    lol I want one.

  3. Alunjohn Jones

    I am defo going to get one of these when Seren is a little older!

    • Annette Jones

      U mean for yourself lmao x

  4. Sarah Lynsi Bradbury

    Victoria Caswell , I want to get you this…

    • Sarah Lynsi Bradbury

      Victoria Caswell

    • Victoria Caswell

      Ha. That's pretty nifty. Not gonna lie.

  5. Jade Doxtator-Casey

    That's pretty neat.

  6. Ellie D Dryburgh

    y no just get a big roll of blank paper and your sorted what a waste of money!

  7. Casey Hazer

    Jade Hazer

  8. Jon Kieffer Manlapaz

    I want!

  9. Jennifer Brittle

    I wouldn't buy anything like this, it teaches children that its ok to draw on tables that ok when this table cloth is on the table but when its not or someone elses home a very small child will not know the difference if its allowed at home… x

  10. Sophie Louise Mcnab

    use it for bigger kids then

  11. Sophie Louise Mcnab

    that one u can wash off the pen

  12. Sheila Kegley Hayden

    Looks like a great way to plan a Quilt block, and if the markers that come with it run out of ink, I'm sure the Crayola washables would work..

  13. Lucas Smithhart

    As a future physicist/mathematician, I feel this would be a great thing to have.

  14. Lucas Smithhart

    Especially with the grid layout.

  15. Da Wolf


  16. Raudhah Ayuni

    It's reusable and paper, is a waste and kills the enviroment bit by bit

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