Digital Instant Print Camera

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SNAP! Edit and Print, All from one device! Features a 10MP camera, 3.0inch display screen and a SD memory card slot for additional memory space. Available in black or white.

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  1. Jack Newy


  2. Stef ImaNinja Winchester

    Ooh wants

  3. Stef ImaNinja Winchester

    Ooh wants

  4. Olivia Lee M. Brisson

    Got it, and I love it!

    • Tara Roberts

      Does it work??

    • Lexi Forest River


    • Ana Andrades Millar

      olivia, whats the memory like? as in do u charge it, battery, it must be film roll surely..but its paper? n do u need special paper i'm baffled

    • Ellie Alcala

      ok I have a question about this, I know it prints out pictures but would it also have a usb cable to send pictures from the camera to your computer to post up on sites lke facebook etc.?

  5. Aida Myhr Gyran

    How long does it take to get it whitout fast sending?

  6. Marcela Macias

    Wharf kind of ink does it need?

    • Demishia Alford


    • Sarah Frost

      It doesn't use ink.

    • Nardine George

      how !!!!

  7. Rhiannon Caldwell

    I am getting one of these!

  8. Sara Linthi

    Want one so bad! Christmas come faster!

  9. Leeann Acosta

    How does it print

  10. Emyy Morris

    How much are the extra polaroid sheets? Has anyone found any? What size dose it take?

    • Tennille Beveridge


    • Deidra Loveland

      they are inexpensive on Amazon

  11. Belle Davila

    I am so getting on of these!

  12. Fitzgerald Young Morris Jr.

    Dope sauce!

  13. Athena Eddy

    saving up now!

  14. Torie Santillan

    How much is this

  15. Ellie Monroe

    Why would u get one u get 3inch pics that's a rip oggb

  16. Ryan Allen

    I'm getting one with my next paycheck………or at least saving up for it!

  17. Carrie Machado

    This is a cool camera. I have a Polaroid Pogo (same camera) which print pictures only as big as a business card size. The color developes better when you print a few one right after the other.

  18. Barry Ho



  19. Yasmine Langford

    cameras dont print with ink they use the light to project an image onto special paper

  20. Raven Barry


  21. Terri Pohrman Mccause

    Denice we are solo Getting this !!!

  22. Herbert Da Clam

    Want one sooo bad

  23. Brextina Aramiz Rodriguez

    Ahora q viene mi cumple esto es lo q kieroooooo!

  24. Jose Arreola

    Ya no se usa eso de imprimir fotos!!!

  25. Brextina Aramiz Rodriguez

    Jose Arreola no manchs jose es lo mas genial eso!!!

  26. Nedas Forevera Saint


  27. Natasha Moyse

    Want one, want one, want one, want one, want one!!!!!!!

  28. Faith Kierra Parker

    ….. I want and need this!!!!!

  29. Faith Kierra Parker

    ….. I want and need this!!!!!

  30. Sarah Arikashikari Jordan

    I soooooooo want one!

  31. Sarah Arikashikari Jordan

    I soooooooo want one!

  32. Kesha Flower

    Looks awesome but how do you get more paper?

  33. Kesha Flower

    Looks awesome but how do you get more paper?

  34. Ariba Zuberi

    does it have a usb cable?

  35. Carla Nina

    can you actually edit the pics on the camera?

  36. May Hardesty

    I can't wait to get this!!!

  37. Tia Williams

    Love this. By the way…. Polaroid 2×3" Premium ZINK Photo paper – 50-Pack by Polaroid $24.99.

  38. Tia Williams

    Z2300 features an integrated printer with ZINK Technology, enabling users to instantly capture, edit and in less than a minute print full color, 2" x 3" prints. Along with the ability to easily upload images to any social media platform, the Z2300 combines a compact form factor with a host of fun, easy-to-use features to create the ultimate social media machine. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Speaker / microphone Prints with ZINK Zero ink Integrated Printer Features Snap, print, share – no computer connections needed 2×3 full-color prints Smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant, photos with better picture quality and sticky back for extra fun No Ink. No Hassles. No ink cartridges or ribbons to throw away View and crop images on camera before printing Option to print date, file number Add a fun and useful border to your photo including the Classic Polaroid Border logo format Option to print in black and white and fun shades of the Polaroid logo colors Upload custom borders Automatically save photos to camera or SD card for downloading Prints under 1 minute Works with the 2×3 premium ZINK Photo Paper.

  39. Dudley Julian

    I want one

  40. Desiree Cosme-Nieves

    Need this bad!

  41. Succo Pae

    where do u go to ourchase

  42. Indra Williamson

    this camera uses heat activated paper- the ink is inside and the heat activates the right ink in the right places

  43. Vishal Depala

    Need to get one gonna save up

  44. Mai Ahmed

    I want one how can I ?

  45. Sobig Ofme

    Thos is a come back from back then loving it.

  46. Mason Roberts

    How do you purchase it from this website?

  47. Amy Foust

    I. Want this

  48. Marcio de Oliveira

    Quero umaaa

  49. Eu Silva

    Sou mirellee

  50. Whitney Williams

    Proud of Polaroid for not giving up but evolving. Keep the innovations coming! #CapitalismWorks

  51. Pongen Mte Ree


  52. Edralin Celeste

    how to get this! buy or what!

  53. Lupita Camargo

    Did you buy it online?

  54. Heather Renee Anderson

    Mary Proctor- Anderson birthday presant? I would use this sooo much.

  55. Maggie Dawson

    Paige Pettit Alden Pam Cudney Pettit.

  56. Sara Spilde

    Omg I have to have this!

  57. Christine Cardenas

    Danielle Bennett want. must have. NEED!

  58. Akilah Porter

    it's really cool, but where can a person purchase the polaroid refills when they run out and how much would the refills cost?

  59. Gabbie Parry

    I love taking pics – I'd b buzz'n wiv this

  60. Karen Blake

    I want one

  61. Krutika Mehta

    really ? Frm where did u get it ???

  62. Mariam Amr

    Where to buy the refills plz reply

  63. Andrea Lind Kristberg

    try amazon ?

  64. Shannon Potts


  65. Stephanie Velez

    amazon sells them

  66. Stephanie Velez

    amazon sells them

  67. Dallas Sapp

    Krutika Mehta They were saying they need it. Not that they have it.

  68. Kazimiera Krotkiewicz


  69. Katie Stefanski

    remember the instant one my ma use to have? lol :):):):):):)

  70. Alhaji Alhassan Watara

    this is amazing. Can't wait to get one

  71. Stacy Kuykendall

    I want it!

  72. App Pop Shmere

    Aaaaaaaahhhh i wantttit lol

  73. Amber Molland-allman

    I need something like this!

  74. Nelson Piffer Jr.

    Super cool !!!

  75. Roos Boomsma

    me like!!!

  76. Magdalena Kilian

    hmm… for what I know it's not really ink but silver particles which are activated by light so it's called photoactive paper but it's actually a bit expensive and I'm not sure HOW it could work NOT instantly right when the photo is taken… well the paper works for normal polaroids so I guess for digital cameras there's also a way to go with it

  77. Magdalena Kilian

    2X3" and about 15 £ for 30 sheets

  78. Lucas Tyler Austin

    This is awesome. This will be on my next Christmas list!

  79. Angela Perales

    It's looks cool but how do I know it really works

  80. Molly King

    Does it only have an outward facing camera

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