Cyclops iPad Case


Now you can have a new furry, fluffy and lovable friend with this cyclops iPad case! He’s extra padded on the back to protect your device from bumps and scratches! You can even use his microfiber arms to clean your screen!



  1. Carrie Ann

    What? No android?

  2. John R Perry Jr


  3. Romina Morales Jeria

    hi guys do you ship outside USA?
    I live in Chile

  4. Kiara Chalifoux

    What about an iPad mini and can you ship it to Canada Alberta Edmonton

  5. Bobbye Jo Whitmer


  6. Trevor EmoCasper Austin

    Way to overheat you device lmfao

  7. Pippi Cumming

    Do u whip to Australia?

  8. Melissa Michele McCann Walker

    I really want this for my birthday

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