Clock On Wheels

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If you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings then you need this awesome clock on wheels! When the alarm goes off, so does the clock! It will travel off your bedside table and along the floor, meaning you have to get out of bed and chase it to turn it off!

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  1. Nightingale In


  2. Danielle Clemmensen

    omg so cool ithink i need it

  3. Mai Mai Agoncillo

    Chasing the clock is like snoozing your alarm. You're wasting your time too. -_- But it's cool tho. <3

  4. Humaira Mirza

    really like this…

  5. Leahbella Milicic

    This Product is Really Cool! I'm Glad I Got One (:

  6. Don N Corinne Woods

    Cassandra found the alarm clock you need

  7. Don N Corinne Woods

    Hey Cassandra Woods, try and sleep through this alarm clock.

  8. Priscilla Capelo

    Does the sound very load?

  9. Amy NothingMore

    Priscilla Capelo loud* >:D

  10. Mikaela Troutman

    Amy NothingMore Ooohh a typo. Big deal.

  11. Ashley DeJesus

    I'd probably just let this run around and tire itself out while it drove around waiting for me to get out of bed….yeah, like that'll happen…..

  12. 李詩恩

    how to buy it?

  13. Cassidy Horan

    this is one of the best inventions ever made. its a miracle!!!!

  14. Natia Chavchavadze

    no it makes sense cause unlike snoozing the damn thing you have to actually get up and chase it around to catch it. by that time im usually fully awoke.

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