Cannabis Cologne

Prank a friend by blasting them with this potent cannabis cologne spray! The smell sticks around for the entire day, awesome!



  1. Maria Neida Alvarado

    What does it smell like?

    • Samuel Henrriquez


    • Charina Pinder


  2. Kayla Smith-Morse

    who would wear this.

    • Apple Pies

      I would I am hopefully buying it now

    • Rory Macmillan

      I've been a heavy cannabis user in the past, and still smoke but I know of no reason anyone should wear this.

  3. Wayne Poole

    would not want to get pulled over wearing this.

  4. Charlotte Crandall Gates

    lol, I know a few people that would like this.

  5. Jon Swanson

    is this considered probable cause?

    • Raymond Borger

      I would think yes.

    • Boyce Thornton

      o cool so say that and make sure to make Mr. Jake feel weird cause they can get/have feelings they dont have to put u in jail for weed stay positive

  6. Katy J.A.

    Buy it to carry with you, when you get pulled over… "Officer.. it is just this prank cologne I sprayed on my friend as a joke when they got in the car.." >.>.

  7. Kelly White

    I want some!

  8. Andre’ Lamont Mcdonald

    Hell fuck yeah I'll buy dat shit dat's good fucking doggy cake …

  9. Shon Hensley


  10. Mana Diane Lozzio

    Smokin weed is bad enough, Who wants to smell like it ALL DAY?

    • Mahalo Guerrero

      People who enjoy smoking it

    • Apple Pies

      Drinking your shitty alcholic drinks is bad anuf dont dis what u dont know

  11. Nikki Coffea

    Haha, this is purely evil…but I know a few people I could use this on! Lol

  12. Effie Frey

    Ashley Maury

  13. Sharron Maciejewski


  14. Christopher A. Catherman

    Take my money!

  15. Danny Mitch Lucker Docking

    Oliver Clark how awesome is this?

  16. Tennille Beveridge

    Ti Brown LaLa Laura haha.

  17. John Bravo

    Hmmm. Sit at a gas station down near the Mexico border and just keep spraying cars with it. Give Border Patrol something to do. lol

  18. Cody Slusher

    anyone who wants this is a pothead lol.

  19. Mik Whyte

    why smell of that shit when you can just smoke the real McCoy

  20. Bronson Chase


  21. Bronson Chase

    I'd wear it proudly!

  22. Akeem Dwayne Ralph Noel

    lolzz so got to get this,
    *spray on friend*.
    "eh drop this in the station for me thay" lolzzz.

  23. Jay Lenae Davon


  24. Brian DeCoursey

    Its Real Cologne! the Label is the Prank! Ah Duh!

  25. Dee Connelly

    me too

  26. KrystalandLazaro Torres

    fuck whoever made this before me, I had this idea in 2002.

  27. Juank Samayoa

    I want this!!

  28. Sean Maffit

    And someone thought of it ten years before that, and a hundred years before that. Don't be angry because someone else has done it… Go and do it yourself. Do a better job. Make cologne and perfume. Make them smell like a variety of different strains. Just because someone else has done something, that doesn't close the door to you. If anything, it only opens the door wider to you. Go out and do something about it.

  29. Titch Pilrc

    For Bunny LeightonDale Bunny Leighton.

  30. Carolena Costa

    @seanmaffit is right. Made a friend a bottle in the eighties because she was dating a pothead. He couldn't keep his hands off of her.

  31. Kicker Cross

    Hell yea

  32. Treamon Panama

    Sena Slice lol.

  33. Carl Gardiner

    I work as a Club Doorman and after work we sometimes go to one of the other bars that our friends work on that are open later – this would be brilliant to spray in their clubs or pour in the smoke machine :).

  34. Terry Dredd Hayburn

    if you wanna smell like a rat ok but would be funny hahah

  35. Nicole Rochelle Yurgalite

    Kush is my cologne

  36. Lucas Enrich

    so what? any problem there?

  37. Joey Bruno

    What would someone that already smells like pot all the time need with weed scent? Duh.

  38. Owen Jeal

    buy and spray on people as they go into the airport

  39. Veronica Gangnier

    if ya can't smoke it, might as well smell good! I would so spray the hell outta my car with this. Super coolness!

  40. Eva Ballance

    Haha I would love this shit.

  41. Chelzy Baybi

    Now I feel guilty…

  42. Amanda Foster Knotts


  43. Kelly Diepgrond

    spray everyone in line at the airport !

  44. Jenni Noelle

    I don't see the problem here

  45. Stella Jester

    If you did your research you would realize that cannabis has actually helped people thus as those with epilepsy.

  46. Sarah Richards

    They need to make something where it takes away the odor

  47. William DeWitt Campbell

    But the smell is so appetizing. 😀

  48. Sarah Richards

    Until your parents smell it or the cops at your school XD

  49. Ramzeen Mohamed

    does it make you high?

  50. Ian Nash-Michell


  51. Summer McManus

    its called blunt power, runs about 5 bucks a bottle.

  52. Summer McManus

    its called blunt power, runs about 5 bucks a bottle.

  53. TrAvis D Mullins

    So was gucci man always right about kush being his cologne? Haha

  54. Crystle Wren

    why not

  55. Taeya June Deibler

    yes !

  56. An Na Le

    this is like a prank for them goody twoshoe kids, lmao and watch their friends freak the fudge out.

  57. Jeff Linn II

    lol since anyone can go into a store and buy ganj that fear is gone haha! if someone gets pulled over stoned off their ass and can handle their composure beyond a reasonable doubt police return alll marijuana and paraphernalia

  58. Tammy Braswell

    made in Colo……

  59. Tammy Braswell

    for anyone on parole…….

  60. Tria Braxton

    That was horrible.

  61. Lisa Scott

    Uuuuhhhhh do you smell that? LoL

  62. Tanisha-Bonnie Bucklaschuk

    Kyle Bucklaschuk

  63. Siberian Britni

    Whoever gets all butt hurt over a good cologne is just a hater. I love weed and it is harmless!!!! So if you've never smoked the green, don't diss on it. And whoever disses on the medicine can kiss my ass. I'm hella buying it. I'll wear it proudly. !

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