Camera Lens Mug


Make a picture perfect coffee with this camera lens mug! The lid makes a great biscuit holder if you're feeling rather peckish.. Makes a great gift for photographers!

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  1. Ada Key

    I. Must. Have. This.

  2. Deidria D’Layne Arnot Butterfield

    For my buddy Dave Nufer!

  3. Michelle Tipping Barth

    Great gift idea

  4. Carol Attridge

    see this an thought of you carly xx.

  5. Nancy Prive Bovat

    I see Catherine's Christmas present…. Max Messier

  6. Jon Di

    Bob Weiniger

  7. Samantha Cole

    this would make me a very happy person!

  8. Bliss McCaw

    Hazel Caroline Anson, Yasmin Zahra Mark! Tracey Stevens!

  9. Courtney Caputi

    Jane Caputi poppa.

  10. Jeremie L’heureux-Piché

    Laurent Brizard gift acknlowegde.

  11. Kacey Miller Winhoven

    Melanie Robison needs this LOL

  12. Kacey Miller Winhoven

    Melanie Robison…you so need this 🙂

  13. Melanie Head Robison

    I so do, I could see me accidentally trying to put it on my camera

  14. Laurent Brizard

    tropppppp sick 🙂

  15. Laurent Brizard

    tropppppp sick 🙂

  16. Daisy Deng

    Amy Le ONe day I'm going to get this for you 😛

  17. Amber Lynne Parker

    I'm a photographer, and this would be great, especially for the office when I get older C:

  18. Annie Tran

    @rizzagalapon check out this website!! Lol

  19. Annie Tran

    Rizza Galapon

  20. Rizza Galapon

    Wtf lol

  21. Maldito de Mario

    how can I avail this?

  22. Kt Grice

    I soo want!!!!

  23. Kt Grice

    Emma Grice

  24. Jackie Baldry

    Love this

  25. Lyle Davis

    Just for Sam

  26. Michele Davis

    You def need this.

  27. Kris Harper

    Deborah white

  28. Kris Harper

    Deborah White

  29. Noelle Goble

    thats just plain cool

  30. Rachael Eloisee Dubourg

    This has save my bacon! Its perfect for my uncle for Christmas

  31. Donna Pye

    here it is xxxx

  32. Harriett Anne’

    I need this in my life x

  33. Kristina Marie Kempf

    i have this! i love mine!

  34. Norma Castillo

    this is cute!!!!

  35. Karen Gonzalez

    Jesus Tapia

  36. Karen Gonzalez

    Jesus Tapia

  37. Josie Schembri

    Need this !

  38. Sinha Empire

    Um.. wouldn't it leave pieces of food on the lense?

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