Belt Buckle Flask

A bit renegade and a bit rock ‘n roll, this belt buckle liquor flask keeps your spirits handy and your pants secure. Made of polished stainless steel, our 2oz small flask easily slips from its holder to give you a quick sip whenever you need it.

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  1. Yes, we think we’re funny.

    Needs a bigger buckle!

    • Fredner Hyacinthe

      I have one but need to get a belt for it

  2. Megan Kitching

    for the stylish drunk on the go! 😛

  3. Ruth Gutierrez

    Hey Mercedes Medina and Ben Haeussler, how 'bout a gift for Reverend Jeramie Kleidon?

  4. Raul Camacho

    Found this one for Gary Brito

  5. Ricky Wilson


  6. Manu Shelton

    fa sho

  7. Maggie Heim

    For all those alcoholics out there who need a tiny flask to hide under their shirt on their belt at work lmao

  8. Nick Ridley

    I know someone who'd like this.

  9. Belinda Clary

    But when you take it off to drink do your pants fall down or do they end up coming off anyway making that irrellevant?

  10. Nick Ridley

    I'll go with the last option 😉

  11. Bianca ZombieHunter Olm

    Amazing *-*

  12. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    Want lol

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