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Probably the best beanie in the world! The beardo features a detachable beard, made from 100% acrylic yarn so it wont be itchy and is available in a variety of different colors.

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  1. Jeff Phillips

    Hey guys, that's the BEARDO from

  2. Ann Zaffarese

    Adam this is an idea haha.

  3. Laura Lingenfelter

    If I made one that's a lot of money to make off it or just sell it a little cheaper!

  4. Jay Anderson

    You need this Hanz x

    • Jay Anderson

      Hannah Norman

    • Jay Anderson

      Hannah Norman

    • Hannah Norman


    • Hannah Norman


  5. Jay Anderson

    You need this Hanz x

  6. Duh Pest

    I will have it. It will be mine.

  7. Phoebe Jackson

    there you go daddy Brian Jackson.

  8. Hebe Alexis Blake

    I so want 1. Lol.

  9. Devon Wade


  10. Philip Collins

    For the man who has no beard..Paschal Keane Jonathan Doody David O'Halloran.

  11. Lucy-Alissara Cameron


  12. Cherie Chan

    I LOVE VAT 19

  13. Hebammen Politik

    This is Jinsy!

  14. Chester John

    Grow your own beard…

  15. Lorraine Porter

    James McConnell you could do with one of these in the winter lol.

  16. Tess Burnett


  17. Lori Hansen Quinton

    Should I get one of these?

  18. Donna Hirschi Stocking

    Did you know I make these?

  19. Donna Hirschi Stocking

    Did you know I make these?

  20. Lori Hansen Quinton

    Donna Hirschi Stocking , I need to order some from you!

  21. Rosemary Smart


  22. Ellie Harley


  23. Richard Profitt

    For next winter maybe

  24. Tara Boley

    I feel like a lot of people would have problems with it fitting on their faces.

  25. Jennifer Vo


  26. Sarah Jean Brown

    What every boston red sox fan should be buying lol

  27. Sarah Jean Brown

    Keith Brown

  28. Elena Gnidenko

    it will fin on anyone,most important to measure the jaw, facial area with measurement tape, and a head shape…then it will fit, would be nice to have one for my man, it his face wont itch as much when its cold outside.

  29. Marcos Martínez-Guisasola

    Me lo pido!

  30. Meredith Emmanuel Bates

    Lynne Sheppard. Here's your next project ,)

  31. Lynne Sheppard

    You'd like one Meredith – what colour?

  32. Meredith Emmanuel Bates

    LOL I think the same colour as my hair. ..what do you think? I can be a real mountain woman when I wear it.

  33. Amanda Hadfield

    Haha wicked!

  34. Sarah Hall

    Now everyone can be like mike!

  35. Sam Bottomley


  36. Keith Shaw

    Phil next years project xx

  37. Marie Torgerson

    Love this haha cool

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