Workaholics Bear Coat

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

This amazing bear coat is styled after the glorious coat worn by Blake from Workaholics, giving you a straight grizzly look while also keeping you warm while you work in your cold cubicle space.



  1. Bro Robotron

    "bitch better have mah honnneeeeey!"

    • Robyn Harrison

      I love Blake.

    • Robyn Harrison

      I love Blake.

  2. Rob Snyder

    Would look great with my bruins jersey

  3. Melody Scowen

    that's awesome

  4. Melanie Martin

    I think I need one of these for work….gets pretty chilly here!

  5. Cory Allen Knowlton


  6. EmiLeigh Elizabeth Dwiggins

    Nick Ferretta we can get u the bear coat!

  7. Samantha Phillips

    Jeffrey Parker lmao.

  8. Nick Mcnicol

    Quality I want one

  9. Ethereal Coupons

    I work outdoors in peoples yards.. often with aggressive dogs.. this woiuld be awesome..

  10. Trina McCown

    Kenny!!!! They make one!

    • Trina McCown

      Kenneth McCown, look!!!

  11. Caroline Beattie Gentleman

    that is something I may have to purchase to stay warm in our office.

  12. Lynda Davis Bettis

    want it

  13. Angelica Cierniewska


  14. Coin Operated

    Kenny! Look Faggot!

  15. Mason Khalaj

    Fur sure!

  16. Alexei Revoredo

    MUST…. GET!!!!

  17. Easton Stuart


  18. Lindsay Butler


  19. Rhowan Dacotah

    ahh<3 i neeeed it!

  20. Alyson Lindsey Anger

    Noe magallanes !!

  21. Sean Benson

    Fur Sure

  22. Danielle Burkheimer

    the guy from bfvsgf has one

  23. Kedric Williams

    This is super tight butthole

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