Batman Pegs

These batman pegs are a must have for any serious superhero fan! Great for hanging up clothes, pictures or even keeping your favorite cereal bag closed! Awesome!

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  1. Tracy Green


  2. Shannon Page

    I'd have to colour the silver bit in black though. Nananananana…Batpeg!

  3. Sharon Thompson

    Tim Thompson, you HAVE to get these!

  4. Susheel Badhan

    £19.00 for these? Seriously? They're just pegs!

    • Rick Merlin Van Ruth

      Ah, but they're BATMAN pegs!

  5. William Fuentes

    there clothespins not pegs… "Batpins"

  6. Jacqueline Smith

    Want these

  7. Gemma Newman-james

    Best looking pegs evaaa

  8. Broc Folland

    Wednesday Beale

  9. Sara Balmbra

    I'd rather buy a 50 pack of plain old wooden pegs for £1.00; by some black wood varnish for £2.99; some wood glue for £1.99; a container of black non-toxic paint you can get at B&Q for free, and a sheet of plywood for about £3-5.00…

    AND MAKE THEM MYSELF. Fun activity with the kids and half the price!

  10. Martha Ann Berst Royer


  11. Vickie Victoria Hermosa

    love it

  12. Vickie Victoria Hermosa

    sara you sound cheap.. no offense though but why are you taking what they invenred and act like is your idea? people like you ruin other bussiness

  13. Jeramie Gatchell

    Robby Rodriguez

  14. Jess Simpson

    Allan Russell

  15. Jess Simpson

    Allan Russell

  16. Kim Neumann

    Omg! These are freakin awesome!

  17. Kim Neumann

    Omg! These are freakin awesome!

  18. Alex Mcloughlin

    Lesley Barlow would these be appropriate?

  19. Alex Mcloughlin

    Lesley Barlow?

  20. Lesley Barlow

    Lol I love them where can I get some from

  21. Alex Mcloughlin

    On the link x

  22. Elizabeth López

    Candra mira esto!!!

  23. Sue Widderick

    we all need these lol

  24. Bertie Baxter

    Every home should have these

  25. Kayla Spradling

    Right, easy enough to make yourself.

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