Baby Panda Night Light

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Perfect for the little ones or panda enthusiasts! This baby panda night light softly lights up the room making it easy on the eyes, plus who can resist a cute face like that anyways?



  1. Princess Vicki Brewer

    Troy Hammond

  2. Poppy Hardwicke

    Awwwww want !!!

  3. Happy Meal

    Kawaii! :3

  4. Matt Winen

    mmm I wonder who might like this.

    • Kylie King

      But I'm not afraid of the dark 🙂

    • Judith Winen

      i know who would love this

  5. Kathy MD Ramsay

    Ann Nguyen this is good for you.. 🙂 heheheh

  6. Hailey Jones

    Teya King o.m.g.

  7. Sarah Lindgren

    I want it how can I buy it*

  8. Jillian Betts

    Kelly Betts Please get me this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  9. Zannatul Naeem

    I like It…:)

  10. Arkan Majio

    Want please. …

  11. Sarah Leigh

    Where can I get this

  12. Katherine Johnston

    its so cute.

  13. Ava Byrd

    I want itttttt

  14. Darci Jansen

    Aww! It is so cute <3 I want it! 😀

  15. Win San Jose

    Me likey a lot hehe ….ilovepanda

  16. Julia C. Crepaldi

    Do you sell to Brazil?

  17. Adinta Beawiharta

    OH MY. GOD!! Im a Panda lovers and i really really want this BADLY! Those cute eyes .,, :3

  18. Courtney Jade Bennett

    awww I want it its so cute :3.

  19. Lenny N Monika Willans

    Niki Herrmann you would want this.. lol

  20. Zong Xiong Tan

    Poon Wing Yan Clare Elizabeth Pricillia Koh Jolyn Teo Regen Loo Samantha Wong Gladys Chew Kaihuang Kua Sylvia Tay.

  21. Rosy Maric Vedar

    Antonette Francisco want one? lol

  22. Nicole Nicki B Binder

    @Kimmie Carter

  23. Mokuba Kaiba

    I want this so much how cute!!!

  24. Kristal Rodriguez Herrera

    Kayla Rose Rodriguez.

  25. Marquita Stewart

    Look panda lovers

  26. Marquita Stewart

    Shane N Cash look 😉

  27. Mina Pham

    I want this Celina Pham

  28. Kenlee Reed

    Kevin Shea

  29. Keya Lynn


  30. Raina Leigh McDermott


  31. Del Crampton

    aha! my kids have this! It's awesome.

  32. Leo Jay Dela Torre

    i want it… it's so cute

  33. Dandra Wedge

    This is so cute! 🙂

  34. Katie Sheumaker

    Omg I love that!

  35. Caridad Hernandez

    For our baby panda's room! Ha ha

  36. Ewa Żabka

    Weronika Anna Ziębakowska :3

  37. Mary Richarte

    Mags this is too cute

  38. Maggie Adel

    michael lang this is so cute

  39. Sean AudiGuy McKee

    Annika Antunes

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