Baby Barefoot Petals

Style your baby's feet with a pair of these beautiful looking barefoot petals! Made using soft cotton, these barefoot petals come in a variety of different colors. When your baby grows out of these you could then switch to a bracelet instead! Awesome!



  1. Kirsten Crozier

    Nicole Franzke I thought of Hannah when I seen these, aren't they cute!

    • Shell Salkeld

      awww how cute are these

  2. Sara Carlson

    Taylor needs these Linda Lou Wilson Toncrey.

    • Linda Lou Wilson Toncrey

      lol luckily I was stalking your wall for sec…lol jk but for real just saw it but wasn't tagged in it. but yea she does..ya buying?? lol love ya

  3. Effie Frey

    Alecia Mommytoobe West check these out.

  4. Kamari Lawson

    Ashlie Crespo get theese for her!

  5. Tammi Layton


  6. Sharon Fox

    omg so adorable.

  7. Lou Bell

    Shannon Adams

  8. Javier Gallardo

    Stacy I want this for my sis *.*.

  9. Trena Brynildsen

    Love them

  10. Alyssa Lamb

    I am getting theses for my cousins:) not expensive at all:)

  11. Abigail Marie Sanchez

    Jessica Lee! so cute

  12. Daniela Blanton

    how to u buy and see the price on here.

  13. Abigail Marie Sanchez

    Jessica Lee thought about you when I seen these 🙂

  14. Jessica Lee

    I love them!!! If I have another girl I'm going to make a ton of them for her to wear next summer lol

  15. Laura Batt

    Awwww look at these xxx

  16. Jackie Simpson

    Laura Patel

  17. Jackie Simpson

    Laura Laura Patel x

  18. Tracey Wynne

    Paula Smallman, I immediately thought of you xxx.

  19. Pana Mustache Xiong

    Sheng Xiong ashley.

  20. Shelley Holder Norman-Echtle

    To all baby girl newborns, what a lovely way to share your baby toes!

  21. Brittiany Hall

    I make these your choice of flowers check out my page Double B Boutique and Photography on facebook 🙂

  22. Kitty Belle

    So cute!

  23. Billie Wood

    Hayley Hattersley for lily aww.

  24. Denise Burn

    Beth Hopkins <3.

  25. Sandy Sanborn Breeden

    Lilian, Daniela – How cute is THIS?

  26. Brandy Speers

    Linda McMillan.

  27. Brandy Keiber Kyser

    Melissa Helsley….too cute!

  28. May June DeFrancesco

    Thinking of my Village Church of Bartlett moms with this one.

  29. Marti McArthur

    Kimberly Winning these would look mint on Millie eh? 😉 xXx

  30. Anne Lloyd

    Saw these thought of you candice x

  31. Misbah Maryam

    How to order??? I m in pakistan

  32. Julie-ann Hatcher

    Oh I love these!!

  33. Lisa Starr

    So cute

  34. Tricia Dellas

    How cute

  35. Tricia Dellas

    How cute

  36. Tricia Dellas

    Lisa, how would you do this?

  37. Tricia Dellas

    Lisa, how would you do this?

  38. Mj Coval

    ME barefoot petals!

  39. Mj Coval

    ME barefoot petals!

  40. Amanda Amundson

    Just when you didn't think they couldn't make anything cuter….<3

  41. Steve Willis Sr.

    @Misbah Maryam it looks easy to make j/s

  42. Steve Willis Sr.

    @Misbah Maryam it looks easy to make j/s

  43. Heather Rinehart-Walek


  44. Jessie Lynn Reaume

    To qt I am going to try to get these not a bad price

  45. Annette Santiago Huertas

    Too cute and perfect for the summer

  46. Marie Torgerson


  47. Pam Gassaway

    Are these adorable or what!

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