Alphabet Cake Pan

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Do it like the pros with this alphabet cake pan. Create as many different designs as you can think of with numbers or letters! Great for birthdays, anniversaries or any special event. YUM!



  1. Viktorija Jakšić


  2. Bianca Nash

    I need one these.

  3. Lezlie Shea Goodwin

    I so need this!

  4. Kimmie Cozart Ward


  5. Lezlie Shea Goodwin


  6. Kate Blonde Wakeford

    Pamela Spring

  7. Michelle Forsman

    I like this but the $22.99 price shown on this page is misleading since that is not the price when you click the "More Info" button. Be prepared to spend almost double that.

  8. Laurie Marshall

    Karen Cutts this was the cake tin I was telling you about a few weeks back…

  9. Joe Scalise

    Nope, in the UK the price is exactly the same, either you've mistaken the pound sign for a dollar sign, or you dont understand the currency difference compared to the US.

  10. Leigh The-Panda Bresnahan

    Michelle Bresnahan x.

  11. Carley Harvey

    Thought of u Laura Edwards xxx

  12. Laura Edwards

    I have seen these. I have all the silicone numbers but no letters. X

  13. Christina Lynn Wollen

    I am so wanting this cake pan! My Husband will be 50 next yr!

  14. Misty Snare Thompson

    Are there different numbers or letters, also?!

  15. Bek Walsh

    It's $54 USA dollars and not available in the uk! So it is misleading!

  16. Irie Mcintosh

    Keshia Pateña Barbara Law thought u guys might think this was cool

  17. Barbara Law

    maaaaaaaagiiiiiiiiiic pan

  18. Bo Schroeder

    I'm guessing you can switch the little squares and make anything?

  19. Joshua Carpenter

    Really cool.. but not worth 50 bucks

  20. Diane Sykes

    Shame it's so expensive

  21. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    I love this.. yep on Ebay for 20.00 🙂

  22. Karlyn Jones Criswell

    I think i could do this lol.. thank god they are on Ebay for 20.00 lol

  23. Timothy Lavalle

    i would defenitly need this

  24. Jennifer Stevens

    Karen Slater

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