Alcohol Shot Gun

No party would be complete without the alcohol shot gun! It’s the best way to drink your favorite shot and it’s easy to use! Simply pour your chosen drink into the cartridge, cock the trigger, then point and shoot!

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  1. Amberly Dawn Pennell

    me and my friends need this!

  2. Jan-hendrik Grobbelaar

    this looks nice

  3. Kelly Kelsey

    I need this for shots at the bar lmao!

  4. Christelle N Billy

    or just fill a water gun with alcohol

  5. Pixie Vicki Buck

    i need this haha how fun would this be

  6. Annilese Ferreri

    wow haha

  7. Tracy TopKat Clarke

    Mmm.i know the perfect combination of people for this…….

  8. Alix Ross

    this looks fun..

  9. Dawn Gueldenzoph

    Blake, you need one of these at The PI… Haha, so cool…

  10. Jesse Ormanoski

    did no one notice this idea is from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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