3 Tier Cake Pan

Create your very own mind blowing desserts in your very own kitchen! Featuring 3 tiers and an insert plate which creates an opening at the top of the cake to fill with your favorite fillings! YUM!



  1. Danielle Grimsley


  2. Paula Quirey Byrne

    Think this would be great Michael Byrne what do you think?

    • Michael Byrne

      Suppose you want me to buy it for you?

    • Paula Quirey Byrne

      Not for me as such but so I could do a cake for your friend.

  3. Shay Oglesby

    this is so cool! @trinas cake

    • Shay Oglesby

      Trinas Cakes ^^^

  4. Ron Manning


  5. Francine Green

    What an awesome idea!

  6. Karen Parker

    This is what you need Amy Hemmings !

  7. Karen Parker

    This is what you need Amy Hemmings !

    • Karen Parker

      Amy Hemmings 🙂

    • Karen Parker

      Amy Hemmings 🙂

    • Stacy Lee

      Mmmmmmm cake

    • Stacy Lee

      Mmmmmmm cake

  8. Sammie Stars

    if you read 'more info', its super small.

  9. Sarah McClurg

    I want one Chris booth

  10. Love Psychedelic

    how do I order this?

  11. Susie M Vecchio

    I want this

  12. Susie M Vecchio

    I want this

  13. Brittanie Young

    you click on More info

  14. Lynn Varney

    Very small

  15. Kyle Ricklefs

    Looks good as hell thoughd as hell tho

  16. Kyle Ricklefs

    Not that hells good….kind of redundant….that shit looks delicious

  17. Kyle Ricklefs

    Not that shit tastes good….bah you get it

  18. Nurhayati Natasha


  19. Nurhayati Natasha

    Nur Shalinaz

  20. Raissa De Oliveira Soares

    Hi, you deliver in Brazil?

  21. Gina Raquel

    ha I use to make this all the time back in the day. I know a better trick then this pan.

  22. Linda Rizzio De Santis

    Yours were perfect they possessed an artisan look to them!!! Made with love

  23. Letícia Silvestre

    Eloisa Spengler olha isso, ♥

  24. Eloisa Spengler

    Hahaha boa!!

  25. Kat Lovin’Life Burkett

    Daphne Rebecca Craker

  26. Christina Whitaker


  27. Christina Whitaker

    Nicky Marie Pate-Peters

  28. Heidie Malave

    click MORE INFO and you can buy it in AMAZON

  29. Heidie Malave

    click MORE INFO and you can buy it in AMAZON

  30. Sårå ŘØxy

    Same 🙂 <3

  31. Dekra Hana

    What's the better trick?

  32. Debra Bradley

    Def gonna order this

  33. Teresa Harris

    Kyle N Katie Ricklefs LMAO!!!!!!!

  34. Teresa Harris

    it says 11.99 here but more info it says 23.99

  35. Jennifer Stevens

    Karen Slater: how cool is this?!

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