10 Strange Dining Customs From Around The World


When you visit another country, it's always polite to learn some of the customs of the area. Remember that you're the guest so you have to be on your best behavior. That's where this collection of 10 strange dining customs from all over the globe comes in handy. Now, when we say that these dining customs are strange, that doesn't mean we think they're weird or odd, just that they're different or unknown to us because we're not used to them. This awesome infographic was created by 'Wimdu' and it might just help you out of a jam when eating in another country. In some cases, these are only minor infractions and many people wouldn't give you a second glance if you were caught doing one of these things. However, in other cases, these are important pieces of etiquette and you'd appear super rude if you went ahead and did them. We think it's probably best to stay on the side of caution when you're in another country. It can't hurt to be too polite!
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Can you think of any important dining customs from where you live? 

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