Shocking Birth Labor Revelations That You Haven’t Thought Of

Pregnancy is already not an easy situation for a woman to endure. More so, how difficult could it get if the time comes that she will be giving birth? As moms would probably relate, giving birth is not just about that moment from when contractions happen until the moment the baby arrives; but also the sensation it gives to the mother, which by the way is just unexplainable. Speaking of the labor a mother has to go through, although most cases would take up as long a matter of hours up to a few days, these crazy confessions will definitely make us appreciate our mothers even more…


#1 Before it might be the worst experience you have to go through, but now look at your little one. It was all worth it, right?

#2 Well, yours is one of a kind and that’s what makes it special. Your motherhood is one story unique in the same way other stories are.

#3 You know what they say, if you can’t stand it, go to sleep. Exactly what you did. Lol!

#4 And we can’t blame you for that.

#5 I can just imagine how painful and exhausting it was.

#6 Aww! the scars from your motherhood. All wounds will soon heal, but the life you gave to your child is such a precious thing you will forever cherish.

#7 Now this what a true gamer is. Who won though?

#8 Isn’t that just sweet? When you know you have a good support system, motherhood is really something to look forward to.

#9 You just didn’t expect you were in for a big surprise of your life.

#10 It’s during these times where you just want to cry and shout and feel sorry, but all you can do is think of happy thoughts.

#11 The struggle is real!

#12 It might be a tough journey but see, it was all worth it at the end of it all. It’s like the reward you have earned after all you’ve been through.

#13 OMG! Pleasure before pain perhaps?

#14 A hard-earned precious prize. Congratulations and salute to all mothers.

#15 You’ve already been through hell, but now, your little one is your paradise. A bittersweet experience.

What can you say about these confessions? We sure hope that you just appreciated your mothers even more. Comment your thoughts and experiences, too.