Hilarious Things Girls Have Cried About Whilst Struggling With PMS

Unfortunately for some females, they experience awful PMS symptoms. This time of the month can be both physically and mentally draining. Not only can this period bring about great pain, but the smallest and strangest things can lead you to be an emotional wreck. Here we have a hilarious list of things girls have cried about whilst struggling with PMS. If you suffer badly yourself, you are sure to relate to these! Take a look!
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Hilarious Things Girls Have Cried About Whilst Struggling With PMS

What a tragic waste of Twinkies. 

Patience is not a virtue for those dealing with PMS! 

We bet it was a beautiful sight…

Nothing and no one is safe when you can’t find what you want! 

Little accidents can feel like huge failures. 

This would annoy us on a normal day, let alone on a bad day! 

Things that never bothered you before become really upsetting! 

When you don’t feel good on the inside, looking good on the outside can help you feel better. Hence why this would be frustrating!

When your food just isn’t the same with one part missing…

Videos like this should be avoided at all costs!

All you want it to be comfortable. Is that too much to ask?!

The struggle is real. 

Aww. A sad realization occurred at the worst time!

If you can’t reach it, you may as well write it off as gone forever.