A Look At School Lunches From All Over The World

Every day, roughly 32 million children in the United States eat a cafeteria lunch at school. For some kids, especially in deprived areas, this may even be the only hot meal they get that day. The problem is that U.S. school lunches aren’t known for being the most nutritious. Restaurant chain Sweetgreen were concerned about this, so they did some research into typical school lunches in other countries.

Finding that in many other parts of the world the average school lunch is much more balanced and healthy, they took a series of photos documenting a typical school cafeteria meal.

These photos show you just how diverse and healthy school lunches in the U.S. could be if a little more money, thought and effort was put into the school lunch program.









Considering the amount of excellent fresh produce available in the United States, the possibilities for balanced and nutritious school lunches are incredible. With just a few changes, kids in American schools could be eating healthy meals every lunchtime.

Source: Sweetgreen