This Japanese Company Makes Samurai Armor For Cats And Dogs

Many of us have animals that we feel are bad-asses. But, just think about how magnified this would be if our pets were strolling around in awesome samurai armor! Japanese company ‘Samurai Age’ offers standardized armor for small dogs and also cats. However, if you’re interested in the gear but have a larger pet, they can do customized armor also. We are in love with this idea! Take a look below to see examples of the armor being worn and also to find out more about it!
Website: SamuraiAge/Facebook

The prices of the armor range from between 4,040 yen all the way to 16,416 yen which equates to roughly $125 to $146. 

Recruiting your fur babies to assist and defend you has never been easier with this awesome kit. However, they might just upstage you. 

‘Samurai Age’ also sells sets modeled after armor worn by legendary Japanese samurais. 

As long as the animals are comfortable in the armor, we think it’s great! 

There’s nothing wrong with spreading a little culture! 

How great does this pooch look?

Warning! Some animals might take a bit of persuading to wear the armor, however, with others you’ll struggle to get them out of it as they’ll love it so much!