A Man And His Dog Have Spent 10 Years Carving an Amazing Cave

It's hard to believe that what you see below was once a solid outcrop of sandstone in rural New Mexico. Rather than seeing simply rock, artist Ra Paulette envisions amazing caves and then sets to work to create them. With just his faithful dog for company, Paulette has spent more or less every day of the last 10 years transforming this sandstone into a stunning ornate cave. He even excavated the skylights, without which the cave would be pitch black. The spaces you see have a magical feel to them and would be amazing places to spend some time in. This seems to be what Paulette is going for, as he has said that the aim of the cave is to encourage "spiritual renewal and personal wellbeing". This isn't the first such work that he has tackled, either. Paulette has been hand-carving caves for the last 25 years. His art is funded by the donations of patrons, so if you'd like to see his work continue, you can visit his website and send some money his way. 

Website: The Caves of Ra Paulette


















Check out this trailer for the documentary, Cavedigger, made about Ra Paulette.

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