Photographer Ali Jardine Creates These Amazing Dreamlike Images With Her Smartphone


Many people assume that you need specialist equipment and expensive software if you want to get into digital image manipulation, but artist and photographer Ali Jardine is here to refute that. She creates beautiful and dreamlike photo manipulations using something that most of us use daily, a smartphone. Jardine said that the best thing about using a smartphone for image manipulation is that it's easily accessible wherever she is, so if she has a spare 10 minutes, she can work on her art. As a busy mom, that's important to her. Her work often features her son and daughter Gabe and Pippin, but there's much more to it than that. Talking to ViralNova she said…

''Everything is an inspiration to me. Photo ideas come from my daily life. Sometimes colors, smells, the clouds, a poem, or a song lyric triggers a new photo. Sometimes photos are more calculated, and sometimes they evolve organically.''

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We love Jardine's magical and whimsical images, and are impressed that she does all this from her phone!