Parents Everywhere Are Loving This New Potty-Training Bullseye Light

Kids can be a handful when it comes to potty-training. Parents are so aware of the stress and the mess of training their kids how to hit the target. But kids are just kids. Making a mess is somewhat in their nature and parents just need to deal with it. However, parents might still have the upper hand in this. How about we tweak potty-training quite a bit? It’s a common knowledge that kids are playful by nature. We can take this fact to our advantage and turn their potty into something fun. But how can we pull this off? Here’s the new toilet target nightlight that will take potty-training to a whole new level.

We present to you, the Toddler Target. This amazing gadget will make potty-training a breeze. By illuminating a crosshair target on the right place, your toddler is able to aim his game right on spot. For sure, your kids will be delighted to hit the potty-training bullseye light without missing the target. The result is mess-free toilet training for your little boys.

toddler target


toilet aim assist


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toilet bullseye



The Toddler Target is fully-adjustable so it can fit any toilet. It is made of durable and high quality materials that can withstand water and cleaning agents. Additionally, the product has heavy-duty batteries included which are easy to remove and replace when necessary.

This potty-training bullseye light creates a brilliant glow that is highly visible day or night. You can tilt it up or down to mark the target on the toilet bowl. Overall, it provides your toddlers a fun way to use the toilet even without your supervision. Moreover, it keeps your bathroom floor mess-free so it will significantly save you from the hassles of cleaning.
Get your toilet target light today!