People Reveal The Terrible Secret Santa Gifts They Have Been Given

We all know that Christmas can end up costing us a fortune. A good way to combat this whilst still keeping with the festive spirit is opting to do a ‘secret Santa’ scheme in which each person buys one gift anonymously for another person. This is not only fun, but it allows you to get someone a decent gift rather than getting a group of people mediocre ones. At least, that’s the idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end well. Here we have a list of people revealing the most terrible secret Santa gifts they have received! Take a look!
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Well, it could have been worse! 

This is a good reason to avoid alcohol as a gift for someone that you don’t know will definitely be able to drink it. 

It’s not always the monetary value that counts! 

Oh dear. This is a pretty tacky thing for the friend to do. 

Some people really need to learn not to think out loud. 

What a nasty hint to use. There must have been something more appropriate that could have been said. 

This seems so stupid to us. Only people who opt in to do secret Santa should have their names put into the draw! 

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There seems to have been a lack of communication here…

Uh oh, hopefully there was no swallowing involved. 

Aww, this is a classic case of it being the thought that counts! 

This is so unnecessarily rude. Just take it! 

At least it can be used… 

How can people feel okay giving another person things like this?

Socks can be a good gift but these sound so boring!