14 Of The Funniest Reactions To The New iPhone X

The moment many people had been waiting for has finally happened. Apple has released all you need to know about the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus. Fans of Apple will for sure be exited to get their hands on the latest models. However, as expected, the reactions weren’t all positive. Many people have issues with the price of the phones and the new way to unlock the devices called ‘Face ID’. Below we have some of the funniest reactions to the new iPhone X that we think you’ll enjoy. Take a look! 

Reactions To The New iPhone X

We really have come so far! 

We bet there are a lot of people wondering about this… for a friend, of course. 

Who needs two kidneys anyway?

People are getting ready to trade in their iPhone 7’s for 8’s and X’s whilst some of us haven’t even got a 6 yet… 

This person makes an interesting point… 

The future isn’t always what we predict it to be! 

Reactions To The New iPhone X flying cars


Dreams have been turned into reality… 

Reactions To The New iPhone X let you become poop


Face ID poses many questions… 

This is the case for so many… 

Reactions To The New iPhone X perfectly working iphone 7 plus me iphone x


We can already see Face ID causing a huge amount of frustration and the phones haven’t even been released into stores yet!

Do you think the iPhone X is worth its hefty price tag?

A creepy thought, indeed. 

People with paranoid and nosy partners will be on high alert! 

Some of us can only dream…