Forget Traditional Cutlery When You Can Use These Awesomely Strange Eating Utensils Instead

When it comes to eating our meals, we don’t tend to give our cutlery much thought. They are there to serve a purpose and so far, the existing utensils we use do the job just fine. However, have you ever thought your cutlery could be more adaptable to the foods you eat, or your lifestyle? Surely even something as mundane as knives and forks can be improved. Well, ‘Red Candy’ have compiled this awesome infographic showcasing the strangest eating utensils of all time. Each invention really does cater to the different needs of different people! From the ‘Popcorn Fork’ all the way to ‘Wrenchware’ there is definitely some odd creations on the list. Take a look!
Website: RedCandy


Eating Utensils
Red Candy