The Most Ridiculous Clothing Items That Are On Sale Right Now

Here at Awesome Inventions, we appreciate that everyone has their own unique styles and tastes. Our intention here isn’t to make anyone feel bad for their clothing choices, however, we couldn’t help but comment on some of the most amusing and ridiculous clothing items that are on sale right now! We would be extremely surprised if many of the pieces on this list got even one purchase! But, don’t take our word for it, take a look below and make your own judgement! 

But, what does the bag look like when the arm is extended? 

Ridiculous Clothing Items armbag


Perfect for those who go weak at the knees at the sight of other people’s knees. 

This jacket is likely to leave you with some cold shoulders! 

Cowboy sandals are not something we ever thought would take off… 

These jeans aren’t the most flattering pair we’ve ever seen! However, they aren’t the worst, either. 

Imagine the tan lines you would end up with if you wore this on a sunny day! 

Detachable jeans that leave you with shorts sounds like a somewhat good idea, however, it looks like a terrible one! 

For those who take the ‘smart, casual’ dress code too seriously… 

We really can’t figure out why anyone would want to wear these body hair swim suits! 

We wonder if the ‘sock’ part comes in different colors?

This is ideal for anyone going to fancy dress who would like to resemble a blue cactus!

It appears there is such a thing as too many frills… 

This look has really ruffled our feathers… 

We really just can’t see the point in these… 

If any of you reading are interested in checking out these products further, each image has a clickable link of the bottom, left corner. Some of these have really left us mind boggled. The things that some designers come up with these days really can leave you confused! It seems that some people push far too hard at trying to set trends and make things cool. Certain things, such as jeans and shorts, should just stay separate! Keep going to see even more ridiculous clothing items! 

When you want to look like you’re wearing a red undershirt but you don’t want to wear one in reality… 

The only good thing we can say about this jacket is the neck area looks super comfy! 

This definitely isn’t the worst one on the list, but the tassels are a tripping hazard and it doesn’t really provide much coverage! 

Irregardless of which gender these clothes are aimed at, they certainly are an acquired taste! 

Because why wouldn’t you want to look like you’ve been rolling around in mud?

You can’t wear a muddy jacket without the matching jeans! 

On what occasion would you wear this?

Because clothes that mean you can’t use your hands are just the best… 

We think these would be pretty good for people with foot and/or ankle injuries, but, not much else! 

No wardrobe is complete without a rubber ‘vest’. 

These are perfect for those days when you just can’t decide between jeans or a skirt.

We’re sorry, those frills are not cute! 

We feel like these could be useful in a certain situation but we just can’t put our finger on it…

This is the perfect outfit for when you don’t want anyone to know if you have a midsection or not. 

We could be wrong, but, aren’t bras supposed to be worn underneath your clothes?!