This Talented Lady Creates Incredible Chocolate Worlds On Mirror Glaze Cakes

If you’re currently craving a sweet treat then we urge you to look away now because those cravings are about to get a whole lot worse! Here we introduce some delicious looking cakes brought to you by 21 year old Marie Troitskaia from Moscow. The architect and pastry chef is currently studying in Paris. At such a young age, Marie is already displaying incredible talent when it comes to her architectural mirror-glaze cakes. Below we have some examples of her mouthwatering creations, take a look!
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When describing the process of making her cakes, Marie states ‘first I think out the difficult architectural ideas, I draw sketches, I create models and molds myself. Only after that I create flavor composition, and then I create my art cake’. To Marie, her cake creations are considered art objects. As you may have guessed, Marie takes inspiration from various architects, architectural structures, cities, materials and textures. Her ambitions for the future include opening her own pastry shop in Paris for students, artists, and of course, architects! Keep going to see more brilliant examples of Marie’s unique cakes!