People Share Their Interesting Experiences With Plagiarism

We are taught from a young age that copying others is wrong. Taking inspiration and learning from others is completely fine, but outright stealing something from someone is not acceptable! Schools and businesses in particular try to enforce this as much as possible but unfortunately it doesn’t stop some people from trying! Here we have some images where people share their experiences with plagiarism. Take a look!
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People Share Their Interesting Experiences With Plagiarism

Situations like this are why people think plagiarizing is an easy way to get ahead! 

This person knows how to cover their tracks…

That’s a lot of plagiarizing! 

Irony at its finest! Some people are so cheeky. 

If it works, why not?

It seems unfair for the whole group to be punished due to one person’s actions! 

Wow. Surely any Spiderman fans in the audience would have noticed! 

The real author must have had a brilliant way with words! 

Beware of unhappy exes! 

You would think for a national competition the people deciding the winner would check for plagiarism! 

Busted! We’re glad we weren’t in this person’s shoes. 

Procrastinating can lead to some bad situations! 

Hopefully this person managed to prove their innocence. 

It’s a shame that people who make honest mistakes get caught whilst others who do bad things intentionally often get away with it.